@ Your Library 11.3.23

By Beverly Ewart

Three Tasks for a Dragon by Eoin Colfer 

  • Three Tasks for a Dragon by Eoin Colfer: “After his father’s death, Prince Lir is tricked into embarking on a perilous quest to rescue a maiden from a dragon. The studious young prince is no warrior, but he uses his brains to make himself indispensable to the ill-tempered dragon.  However, neither prince nor dragon has bargained on the dark magic that manipulates them both – and it may be up to the maiden herself to save them all.” ~ Publisher (I enjoyed reading this book – and especially enjoyed the gorgeous illustrations by P. J. Lynch. Three Tasks for a Dragon would be a nice family read-aloud on these very long evenings.)  

Dragons remind me to let you know that our frustrating plumbing situation here (with our public restrooms) has DRAGged ON long enough!  The dark magic of skewered sewer lines will begin to come to an end in December, when we will be undergoing the transformation of our prodigal plumbing into something more polished and respectful of our needs and time.  We really have appreciated your patience and understanding – hopefully there is now a light at the end of the tunnel! 😉  


📌 Daylight Savings time ends on Sunday, November 5. 

📌 Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 7! 

📌On Friday, November 10 & Saturday, November 11 we will be closed in honor of Veterans Day.