Struggling With Your Novel Noir Photos?

There’s still time to enter our Novel Noir photo contest!

Take advantage of earlier evenings and try some streetlight shots, or play with lamps in your home to cast just the right amount of shadow. Consider items from your closet that could make for fun photos, including trenchcoats, fedoras, scarves or dramatic jewelry. If you don’t have dramatic props in your home, hunt down some little ones, simple fountain pens, a glass tumbler with a beverage inside, reading glasses, a magnifying glass, a lighter, or fun clock in your home. The lines of a piece of furniture can be fun, take a look at your hard dining chairs, or the lines of your window panes.

Photos can be taken with any camera, including your phone. As long as the photos are SFW (Safe for Work) so that we can post them on our website, we are totally open to your creative genius!

1st Prize: $50 gift certificate to Brewer Bookstore

2nd Prize: $30 gift certificate to Brewer Bookstore

3rd Prize: $20 gift certificate to Brewer Bookstore

For complete rules visit:…/

Thank you to St. Lawrence University Brewer Bookstore for donating prizes for this fun and creative fall event!