It’s Vote Time!

Canton Free Library is requesting an increase of $29,107 from school district voters on Proposition #3 at the school budget vote on May 21st, 2024.

The library’s 2023-24 referendum for $420,009 helped our staff of 7 full-time and 8 part-time employees provide 3,212 hours of library service last year, including: loaning over 38,000 books and other items; offering 169 programs with a total attendance of nearly 2700; adding over 3600 new books to the collection; and providing research help, technology assistance, community support, and a safe, clean, temperature-controlled building that is open to all.

The additional $29,107 will be used to cover costs of operation, including minimum wage increases, building costs, supplies, and software charges. It will bring the total library levy up to $449,116.

The total local cost of the library and branches will increase to $0.97 per thousand, up from $0.91 in 2023.

A house assessed at $150,000 will have a total increase of about $9.50 on the library tax line. The annual total tax will be $146.  A taxpayer with a $100,000 assessment will pay around $97 per year for the library under the increased rate. This is an increase of about $6 from last year.

Library funding is always separate from the school budget and is not used, spent, or overseen by the school in any way.