Paige Room Use Policy and Procedures

The Canton Free Library Board of Trustees neither endorses nor advocates the viewpoints of Paige Room users.

The Paige Room is named in honor of Josephine Paige, Canton Free Library’s first librarian who served from 1896 until 1910. The library makes the Paige Room, the kitchen and its contents available throughout the year to community non-profit groups. Preference is always given to library sponsored programs. Private individuals and commercial groups may use the room at the discretion of the Director and only if the program proposed is educational, no admission fee is charged, and the program is open freely to the general public. Groups meeting on a regular basis may request that they be permitted to store items in the kitchen. These items must be marked with the groups name, kept neatly in one area for use by that group only. The Director has the right to refuse the use of the room when a group previously has not complied with the regulations described below.

FEES: Each group must pay a fee as defined below: $20.00 for up to and including 4 hours; $25.00 if kitchen is used to prepare and/or store food; $40.00 for more than 4 hours; $45.00 if kitchen is used to prepare and/or store food. Refer to the Checklist received at signup to determine cleanup tasks expected.

HOURS BOOKED: If a group meets when the library is closed, a key to the front door must be picked up on the day of the meeting. If it is a weekend reservation, the door key must be picked up on Friday.

KEYS: Any library keys used must be returned in the book drop when the library is closed or at the Circulation desk during open hours.

CONTACT INFORMATION: All Paige Room reservations are made with the Director or Assistant Director. Each group must leave the name of a contact person, a telephone number, hours requested, and an approximate number of people expected in the group.

CANCELLATION NOTIFICATION: As a courtesy, please call the library to cancel the reservation if a meeting is cancelled. This frees the room for use by other groups.

ELEVATOR (LIFT) USE: A special key is required to use the hydraulic lift. Please notify the Director /Assistant Director if you will need this key.

NO SMOKING! NO ALCOHOL!: There is no smoking permitted anywhere in the building. This regulation is in compliance with the Village Code for Public Buildings. Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed on the premises.

EXCESSIVE NOISE: Noise that disturbs the patrons and staff upstairs will not be tolerated. The group may be asked to terminate its use of the Paige Room.

DAMAGE EXPENSES: Any damage to the building or furnishings caused by group participants will be repaired at the expense of the group.

LIABILITY: The Canton Free Library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, or other items owned by a group and used by them in the library.