CFL’s Gift and Memorial program invites patrons to purchase an item (books, CDs, DVDs, periodicals or tools) for the library’s collection at the library’s discounted price (about 40% for books.) The purchaser then becomes the first person to read, listen to or view the new item before it’s put out for others to enjoy. This program is a way to help the library shorten the waiting lists for those best sellers that everyone wants to read. Sponsors’ names appear on the copies of books and magazines, and the contribution is tax deductible.

All donations are tax deductible. 

To make a gift or memorial donation please complete the Gift and Memorial Donation Form. Copies may be emailed to or mailed to the library’s physical address. Paper copies of the Gift and Memorial Donation Form are available at the library and can be completed in person.

Payment may be made in person at the library, via check payable to the Canton Free Library or online using Paypal. Please scan the QR code below to make online payment. For more information contact Jennifer Henry at 315-386-3712 with item requests.

You may scan the QR code to make a donation via PayPal.