Cover design created by Olivia Francey and Tessa Alguire, 9th-grade students at Canton High School; and Greg Kiah.

“Children, Children, What do you see? We see a brown bear, a red bird, a yellow duck, a blue horse, a green frog, a purple cat, a white dog, a black sheep, a goldfish, and a teacher looking at us. That’s what we see. ”

Bill Martin Jr.,
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

What is the Brown Bear Ramble?

The Brown Bear Ramble is a sculpture scavenger hunt inspired by the classic children’s book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Eric Carle and Bill Martin, Jr.

Visitors use rhyming clues and a map to search for eleven small bronze sculptures hidden in downtown Canton. The statues represent all the animals in the book, ending with a teacher and a group of children observing all the animals. The statues are permanently mounted in hidden spots on Canton landmarks, and the route takes scavengers past many downtown businesses.

Our project is modeled on the “Caterpillar Crawl” in Bristol, VA, based on Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Library trustee Doreen Radway discovered the Crawl while visiting her young grandson, and when she saw how much he loved it and what a beloved fixture it was in Bristol, she knew Canton would be the perfect place for a similar trail! With the support of library and Village leadership, St. Lawrence County, and many local businesses, we’ve worked hard to make our own Brown Bear Ramble a reality.

The library is thrilled to have been the lead agency for this project that combines so many values we support– engaging young kids in reading, supporting physical activity, and sustaining a strong downtown.

The Ramble Map & Clues

Stop by the Library, St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, the TAUNY Center, the Canton Historian’s Office, or the Municipal Building for a physical brochure/map!

  1. Are you ready to ramble? You won’t need to go far. The bear’s where the municipal offices are.
  2. Rushton put our town on the map and to honor him there is a plaque. In front of Rushton Place is the spot we’ve heard, if you want to find the bird.
  3. Our historian keeps memories of both village and town. Corner of Main & Riverside’s where the duck may be found.
  4. The North Country is full of artists, of course. The place that celebrates them is home to the horse.
  5. They promote that our area is a great place to visit. At the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce is the one that says “ribbit.”
  6. On Court & Pearl there’s a small park where you might have sat. There you’ll see a box of books, and look there is a cat!
  7. Where there’s trials, hearings, and records to log, you’ll find a small dog at this beautiful stone building. At the main steps, and off to the right, look at the stairs, it should be in sight!
  8. Silas Wright had a house with a red barn, now history they keep. On the back porch is surely where you will find the sheep.
  9. At our beautiful park in the center of town, there’s a lovely fountain where the water falls down. Look at the stone bench at the leg you should peek, and there you will find the fish that you seek.
  10. There are seats, a big screen, and popcorn to eat. To find the teacher is your next feat.
  11. The Brown Bear Ramble is based on a great book. Where there’s lots to be borrowed is the last place to look.

*Some statues are fixed to the ground, some on walls and other objects

Help Maintain the Ramble!

We’re so thankful to our donors for helping make our Ramble a dream come true. While we’ve accomplished our biggest goal yet, there are still ways to help. To keep this project alive and well, we hope to establish a fund to maintain the statues, which will require annual waxing and buffing.

To donate to the project, send a check to the Canton Free Library, 8 Park St., Canton, NY 13617, with “Brown Bear” in the memo, or donate online at

The Creative Process

Courtesy of WellSculpt Foundry

Brown Bear, Bronze Bear Exhibit at TAUNY | Oct – Nov 2023

Brown Bear Family Fun Day | 10.7.2023