@ Your Library 3.22.24

By Beverly Ewart

“I do love nothing in the world so well as you.”  – Much Ado About Nothing.  Act IV, scene 1. 

TODAY IS TALK LIKE WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE DAY!  How’s your Elizabethan English?  We all know t’s cliche to beshrew beautifully in fusty Elizabethan English, but might you not rather speak valorous things into being to charm thy neighbor? 

Bray out thy inn’r Shakespeare by checking out some w’rks by the bard: 

  • Hamlet (Illustrated by W.G. Simmonds): “Hamlet, in his soliloquies, speaks directly to us, and we become the other half of his consciousness.  As Hamlet makes his way through the dark, murky, and brutally violent state of Denmark – Shakespeare’s microcosm of our world – his questions become our questions, his doubts become our doubts.” ~ From the preface by Christopher R. Moore. 
  • As You Like It (illustrated by Hugh Thomson): “A love story filled with whimsey and engaging wordplay exchanged by Rosilind, disguised as a boy, and Orlando as they roam the idyllic forest of Arden.” ~ From the preface by Gail Harvey. 
  • The Tempest (illustrated by Arthur Rackham): “The play focuses on Prospero, the deposed Duke of Milan, who is exiled on a remote island with his daughter, Miranda.  He has, through the study and use of books on magic, attained an almost supreme command over nature and mankind. He uses his powers and that of his helper, the shape-changing sprite Ariel, to stage events which by play’s end bring about the betrothal of his daughter to a prince and the return of his dukedom.”  ~ From the preface by Christopher Moore. 
  • Shakespeare in a Divided America: What His Plays Tell Us About Our Past and Future by James Shapiro: “From leading Shakespeare scholar James Shapiro, a timely and insightful examination of what the world’s greatest dramatist can teach us about life in an America riven by conflict. The United States has always been divided, but Americans from all walks of life have also always shared a deep affinity for the plays of William Shakespeare, even if their meaning has been fiercely contested. For well over two centuries now, Americans of all stripes–presidents and activists, writers and soldiers–have turned to his plays to prosecute the most intense and pivotal quarrels in the soul of the nation, a nation defined by its political and social pluralism. That prosecution dates back to pre-Revolutionary times, when Hamlet’s famous soliloquy–“To be or not to be”–was appropriated both by defenders of British rule and those seeking to overthrow it. Shapiro traces Shakespeare’s formative and crucial role in our nation’s history, from the otherwise progressive John Quincy Adams’s sinister opinions on race expressed via(and only via) his views on Othello; to the politically-charged rhetoric that gripped Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth; to the resounding American triumph of Shakespeare in Love, produced by Harvey Weinstein’s then fledgling company, Miramax, which exploded a debate about adultery at the time of President Clinton’s Oval Office affair with Monica Lewinsky. But Shapiro also reports firsthand on Shakespeare’s undeniable contemporary significance, after a production of Julius Caesar, which depicted the assassination of a President Trump-like Julius Caesar, was exploited calculatedly by Breitbart and Fox News to ignite outrage. With style and unmatched expertise, Shapiro contends brilliantly that few writers or artists can shed as much light on the hot-button issues of American life–such as immigration, same-sex love, political violence, and class warfare–and that by better understanding the role of Shakespeare’s plays in American history we might take steps towards mending our bitterly divided land”– Provided by publisher. 


Pardon our dusteth: 

Builders art still w’rking on our lift, but lief ’twill beest eft to holp maketh Canton Free Library accessible to all. 


The Friends of the Canton Free Library art a volunte’r group committ’d to factious supp’rt and enrichment of library s’rvices on behalf of ev’ryone in the Canton community and beyond.  A regist’r’d 501c3, the cater-cousins of the Canton Free Library art at each moment seeking new memb’rs.  F’r m’re inf’rmation email canlib@ncls.org

Chess @ CFL! 

We welcometh chess playeth’rs of all ages and levels to partake in our weekly get-togeth’rs! 

Chess Club – Saturdays | 12-3 PM  

Joineth us, we beseech thee, Saturdays starting March 9th from 12-3 pm in the downstairs Paige cubiculo f’r chess club! All levels art welcometh to joineth the chess club.  Unlike chess free sport on Tuesdays, chess club off’rs instruction to those int’rest’d. 

Chess Free Sport – Tuesdays | 4-6 PM 

Join us on Tuesdays from 4-6 pm for open chess! All aptitudes are most verily welcome for free sport. For more inf’rmation, contact Sir Ryan at 315.854.6123. 

CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS: Programming at the Canton Free Library plays a significant role in providing lit’rary opp’rtunities f’r St.  Lawrence County children and their families.  All events art free.  Some require registration. 

Current state of our Children’s Programs:  

Early literacy programs are meeting as usual. This includeth Baby, Toddler, and Pre-School St’rytimes! 

Children’s Programming at the Canton Free Library: 

0-17 months: Baby St’rytime is for our library babies and their caregivers. We’ll shareth books, bounce rhymes, songs, finger plays, and lots of smiles, and then closeth with social/play time. Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 am. No registration needed.  

18-35 months (about 3 years): Toddler St’rytime is for children and caregivers. We’ll shareth books, rhymes, music, movement, and lots more early literacy fun! Mondays 10:30-11:00 am. Registration is needed during the school year, we beseech thee. 

3-5 years: Preschool St’rytime is for children and caregivers. Stories, songs, movement, crafts, friends, and lots of fun! Wednesdays 10:30-11:15 am. No registration is needed during the school year.  

K-2nd grade: Each month at Books and Beyond, we’ll expl’re a theme with books, activities, tourneys, and art. Meeteths upon each third Thursday afternoon from 3-4 pm. Registration for each month is most required by the Monday before  

3rd-6th grade: Tween Time offers withal a mix of delightful and beauteous crafts, art exploration, tourneys, STEAM, and book talks of popular and classic literature of an excellent nature. Meeteths every fourth Thursday afternoon from 3-4 pm.  

K-6th grade: Lego Club: a beguiling different challenge/theme will be proffered at the start of each meeting. Lego Club meeteths the last Monday of the month (unless that’s a joyful and delightful holiday, whereupon the date will be forthwith announced) from 3:00-4:00pm. Registration is much required by the Friday before, but it fills vehemently fast! Don’t wait! 

Questions? Email Ms. Val at vwhite@ncls.org or call 315-386-3712 ext. 4 

Take a StoryWalk ®!  

Our fair story is Winter Dance by Marion Dane Bauer, and beautifully illuminated by Richard Jones. Behold it upon a walk or canter around the Remington Recreation Trail (“Partridge Loop”) on Sullivan Drive in the fair hamlet of Canton! 

The following programs art eke happening:  

Teens: Anime Club is currently pausing for refreshment but will return anon. Alas for the inconvenience. Contact Zach Woodley-White for more information. zwoodleywhite@ncls.org    

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten: Scribe the books to which children from birth to the beginning of kindergarten do listen, and elevate their rank for every hundred books read on the Celebration Board in the Children’s Room. You mayeth beg a folder from Ms. Val to copy on paper forms – or make use of the app as your personal scriptorium. 

Most various and valorous Youth Programs:                        

Tourney of the Books: This tournament for youths in grades 4-6 involves children forming teams, reading a list of 16 books over 8 months and then jousting against other local teams in an exciting quiz-tourney. In 2023, Canton’s prestigious team, the Flaming Phoenixes from Little River Community School, victoriously won – with much fanfare – the regional trophy at the North Country Tournament on May 20th! You’ll survey the trophy when you make your pilgrimage to Little River School and CFL.  

Summer Library Program (SLP): This is a month-long celebration of reading during July (and some of August) for ages birth-12 years.  Specific age-group programs happen weekly, and we offer family programs with performers such as magicians, clowns, storytellers or musicians, as well as Books at the Beach and the annual Pet Show!  (Dragons must be leashed.) Registration is needed for most programs and the SLP is heralded at the front end of April each year.  

Programs are sponsored by the Royal Friends of the Canton Free Library and the St.  Lawrence County Youth and Pages Bureau.                                  

Questions? Need a scribe to register for a program?                                        

Contact Youth Services Specialist     

Valerie White (Ms. Val)  

(315) 386-3712 ext. 4                           


Curbside Service: If you are short on the hours, consider moat side service! Have your herald announce you at 315-386-3712 (choose option 1 “Front Desk”) or send carrier pigeon to canlib@ncls.org, and we will pack up your manuscripts, check them out, and graciously bestow them upon you from the front door of CFL. If you’re not sure what you’re most inclined to readeth, we can even chooseth manuscripts for you!  

MORLEY BRANCH is open on Tuesday 1pm-3pm; Wednesday 4pm-6pm; Thursday 10am-12pm. There is a lovely and gracious computer available for your use, but it’s a boon to call first to enquire as to availability. Call for more details: 315-379-0066. 

RENSSELAER FALLS BRANCH is open on Tuesdays from 11am – 5pm. Children under age 10 must be with an adult. Call the library (315-344-4155) for more information.  

A great way to find out what’s happening at our Morley and Rensselaer Falls Branches is to check out their Facebook pages: 

Morley: https://www.facebook.com/MorleyBranchLibrary 

Rensselaer Falls: https://www.facebook.com/RensselaerFallsLibrary 

Canton Free Library’s Hours: 9am-6pm Monday – Friday; 10am-3pm Saturday. For more CFL heraldry, stay turned toward the Facebook, Instagram, or our website. Behold new additions to our collection most marvelous on our website: cantonfreelibrary.org. To revitalizeth your current checkouts, login to catalog.ncls.org; you may also reneweth via email at canlib@ncls.org, or by calling (315) 386-3712 (choose option 1, “Front Desk,” on the menu).