@ Your Library 9.8.23

By Beverly Ewart

Stickler Loves the World by Lane Smith  

Stickler loves the world, and I think the world is going to love Stickler!  What’s not to love about a creature with 6 eyes who looks like a walking dust-bunny made of sticks?  What’s not to love about a joyful creature enraptured by the natural world?  If you want to see the world with new eyes, or you want to share the beauty of nature with someone who really does have new eyes (a young friend, perhaps?), you can’t go wrong when you pick up this book and spend time with Stickler.  Stickler’s enthusiasm is delightful and contagious, and you might just find yourself looking to share a sunset (or a stick, or a bug) with him on your next hike.